Terry Fontenot and Raheem Morris setting one clear goal for Atlanta

Atlanta Falcons Introduce Raheem Morris as Head Coach
Atlanta Falcons Introduce Raheem Morris as Head Coach / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Terry Fontenot and Raheem Morris set the tone for the Atlanta Falcons from the start of free agency. The urgency and attack they have put out in their signings, trades, and cuts speak to what this organization believes and wants.

Arthur Blank is sick of watching this team lose and the urgency in what the front office is able to spend speaks to that. Landing Kirk Cousins wasn't enough the team has continued to make moves in free agency.

This, however, comes with expectations and in year one for Terry Fontenot and Raheem Morris, those expectations are clear. Atlanta must win double-digit games and win the NFC South. What happens after that shouldn't matter as the Falcons returning to the playoffs is a stepping stone in the right direction.

Anything more should be looked at as a bonus and anything less and someone's seat is going to grow warm. Barring a complete mess for Raheem Morris the head coach should expect another chance considering Arthur Blank's historic patience with his head coaches.

Still, that could change with what Atlanta has spent this offseason and the steps forward they have taken even under Arthur Smith. This offseason is a message from Fontenot, Blank, and Morris that the expectation for Atlanta is now a winning season and a playoff berth.

It would be the first time since the 2017 season that Atlanta has made the playoffs or had a winning season. With this in mind, if Atlanta manages to do this but exits in the first or second round the season will be considered a win.

Atlanta's goal is first to learn how to close games and win in big regular season spots. Something the team has been historically bad at since their infamous Super Bowl appearance. If Raheem Morris and the Falcons can do this the fanbase and front office should buy in even if it is a first-round exit.

Realistically the goal this season for the Falcons isn't winning it all but returning to respectability and prevalence. That is what these moves have set up for the Falcons in the 2024 season.