The 6 injuries that impacted the 2023 Atlanta Falcons the most

What injuries had the biggest impact on the Atlanta Falcons during their disappointing 2023 season?

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2. RB/PR Avery Williams, entire season missed

The first injury that the Atlanta Falcons sustained last offseason was to Avery Williams who tore his ACL at the beginning of June. If you knew football, you knew that injury was going to be a big deal.

Williams should have been a Pro Bowler in 2022. He led the league in yards per punt return by a mile and was a valuable piece for a good Falcons special teams. However, Williams' injury resulted in the Falcons ranking 30th in yards per punt return in 2023.

Every yard the Falcons punt return team could produce was valuable—especially with how bad the offense was—but they could not produce without their ace returner, Avery Williams.