The Atlanta Falcons Five Best Running Backs of the Past 20 Seasons

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5. No. 1: Michael Turner

Michael Turner
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When the Atlanta Falcons signed Michael Turner in 2008, people might have been shocked at both the length of his contract and the guaranteed money he received. The running back had started only one game during his time with the Chargers, and never carried the ball more than 100 times in a season.

Thankfully for the Falcons and their offense, Turner turned out better than even the most optimistic fans could have hoped for. Turner was unstoppable during the 2008 season and provided 1,699 rushing yards and scored 17 touchdowns.

He never rushed for less than 800 yards over the next four seasons and provided 1,371 rushing yards in 2010 and another 1,340 in 2011. Turner also rushed for 60 touchdowns during his time in Atlanta and is second on the team’s all-time rushing list. Although he may not have provided the same impact in the receiving game that other players on this list did, Turner was such a dominant figure for the Atlanta Falcons that it’s impossible to have anyone else at the number one spot.