The Atlanta Falcons Five Best Wide Receivers of the Past 20 Seasons

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3. No. 3: Calvin Ridley

Calvin Ridley
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With production weighing heavily on these rankings, Calvin Ridley was pretty much a guaranteed lock. Although his ending with the Atlanta Falcons was tumultuous to say the least, Ridley also had three seasons with 800+ receiving yards and added another 28 touchdowns throughout his time in Atlanta.

During the 2020 season, Ridley posted 90 receptions for 1,374 receiving yards and 9 touchdowns. He was nearly unstoppable and earned second-team All-Pro honors. Unfortunately for both Ridley and the Atlanta Falcons, he stepped away from the team to focus on his mental health and then received a season-long suspension for betting on NFL games. He’s since been traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars and is expected to be a starter on their offense when the season kicks off later this year.