The Atlanta Falcons must draft 1 of these 3 UGA Bulldogs in 1st round

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3. The Atlanta Falcons should draft Georgia's TE Darnell Washington

If you are freaking out at this then chill out and hear me out. Yes, the Atlanta Falcons have their top two tight ends already with Kyle Pitts and Jonnu Smith but those who completely write off the team by adding another tight end high in the draft are not looking at the big picture.

Arthur Smith loves his tight ends; he loves to line up in two or three tight-end sets. We all know how much Pitts was used as a blocker last season prior to his injury. Adding Darnell Washington would give Pitts more opportunities to go out there and use his extreme talent.

Atlanta also needs a number-two receiver, so adding Washington could give Pitts the opportunity to be an outside receiver more frequently. No longer would Arthur Smith have to force Pitts to line up as a true tight end, and instead he could move him around. Overall, adding another talented tight end opens things up for Smith's offense.

We haven't even mentioned what Darnell Washington is, he is a massive dude at six-foot-seven, 270 pounds, he has good athleticism for his size, and his hands are eleven freaking inches. He can be a third threat at the tight end position.

They shouldn't select him with the eighth pick, but if they were to trade down into the 20s, then he should be their pick.

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