The Atlanta Falcons will travel a total of 18,228 miles this season

Detroit Lions v Atlanta Falcons
Detroit Lions v Atlanta Falcons / Mike Hewitt/GettyImages

Every team in the NFL has known who their 2023 opponents would be ever since the 2022 season concluded back in January.

However, we did not know all of the teams that would play international games, until this morning. Those games were announced this morning and the Atlanta Falcons are among the handful of teams that will take a field outside of the United States. This also finalizes the number of miles each team will travel.

The Atlanta Falcons will travel 18,228 miles for their 9 road games in 2023

Thanks to the relatively new 17-game schedule, each NFL team doesn't have an equal split of home and road games. Every team flip flops having an extra home or road game each year and the Atlanta Falcons are going into their extra-road-game year.

Even with that extra road game and a trip to London, the Falcons will not be traveling nearly as many miles as some teams—in fact, they are right in the middle, having to travel the 16th-most miles.

As you can see, the Atlanta Falcons will have to travel 18,228 miles in 2023. That is 8,038 more miles than they had to travel last season.

Here are all the cities they will be traveling to in 2023:

  • London
  • Detroit
  • Chicago
  • Nashville
  • Glendale
  • East Rutherford
  • Charlotte
  • New Orleans
  • Tampa

The furthest West the Dirty Birds have to travel is Glendale, Arizona. Outside of Glendale and London, the Falcons will stay in the Midwest to the East Coast, so there won't be too much traveling. In fact, 33% of their travel miles are due to their trips to Arizona and England.

If the Falcons didn't have to play at Wembley Stadium against the Jacksonville Jaguars, they would be traveling 14,379 miles, which would rank 25th between the Saints and Jets.

All in all, the travel miles could have been a lot worse, so the Atlanta Falcons should be feeling good about their schedule for 2023.

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