'The day of' Atlanta Falcons 2023 mock draft: ATL makes blockbuster trade

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One final Atlanta Falcons mock draft prior to the start of tonight's NFL Draft

We have finally made it to one of the most anticipated events for every NFL fan, the NFL Draft. The Atlanta Falcons have been making all sorts of moves this offseason and they will continue to do so tonight when they are on the clock.

Could they trade up? Could they trade down? Or will they choose to stick with their eighth-overall pick? All seem like legit options which is why you will need to keep your eyes on the TV at all times. Things happen fast in the draft and you get the feeling the Falcons aren't going to be complacent at any point.

Here we look at the final mock draft that includes a blockbuster trade made by the Falcons. They end up landing one of the best players in the draft so this scenario would be a dream come true for Terry Fontenot.

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Without further ado, here is 'the day of' mock draft for the Atlanta Falcons