'The day of' Atlanta Falcons 2023 mock draft: ATL makes blockbuster trade

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The Atlanta Falcons' fifth round

Clemson. player. 44. . OG. Jordan McFadden. 156.

The Falcons see the opportunity to grab themselves an intriguing and experienced offensive tackle out of Clemson using one of the picks they were able to land in their trade in the first round with the Chargers.

While he was a tackle at Clemson, he isn't going to lineup as one in the NFL considering he is six-foot-two. So, this would make two straight offensive guards drafted by the Falcons. However, Vorhees isn't going to play for a while and there could be room down the road for a couple of guards to secure roster spots.

Chris Lindstrom isn't going anywhere soon but Matt Hennessy could be playing his last season with the team that drafted him so you could give McFadden the backup spot (this also depends on what they think of Justin Shaffer at this point in time) this year while Vorhees recovers from the torn ACL. Then in a year, you can watch the two sophomores fight for the starting position.