'The day of' Falcons 7-round mock draft: ATL throws a changeup to begin

The final mock draft for the Atlanta Falcons before tonight's long-awaited draft.
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Falcons final mock draft: Round 4

4. . . Cole Bishop. Bishop. S. Cole Bishop. 843. Round 4, Pick 109. player

For a second year in a row, the Atlanta Falcons draft a Utah Utes defensive back in the fourth round of the draft. By all accounts, it worked last year so why not double up on it?

Cole Bishop is a safety who will bring physicality to the position. The Falcons don't need another Jessie Bates, they need an enforcer to complement Jessie Bates.

Bishop brings a fear-inducing presence to the middle of the defense. He can play all over the field and be used as a blitzing safety. He would be a perfect addition to this young secondary that already added Quinyon Mitchell.