'The day of' Falcons 7-round mock draft: ATL throws a changeup to begin

The final mock draft for the Atlanta Falcons before tonight's long-awaited draft.
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Falcons final mock draft: Round 6

Murphy. Round 6, Pick 187. 836. . player. 6. . EDGE. Grayson Murphy. Grayson Murphy

Once again, the Falcons add to their defensive line rotation with a prospect with an excellent first name.

Grayson Murphy was shadowed by two great prospects at UCLA—Laiatu Latu and Gabriel Murphy. He knows what elite edge rushing looks like as he had to compete with the best rusher in the draft and his twin brother who is one of the most slept-on players in the draft.

There is still a little bit of 'we don't know what we are getting here' with Grayson Murphy and that makes him an intriguing addition in the sixth round.

Round 6, Pick 197. Frank Gore Jr.. Gore. RB. Frank Gore Jr.. 6. 2278. player. .

When I initially started watching Frank Gore Jr. I thought 'This guy isn't even draftable and is just getting recognition for his name' but then I started to see the interesting traits in his game. He is a patient runner who prefers to wait for holes to open instead of pressing things. He also has a very strong lower body.

He certainly wouldn't be asked to be a top runner in this Falcons offense, but he could be a nice addition as a depth player. In the sixth round, it is worth the shot.