The Five Best Atlanta Falcons' Offensive Linemen From the Past 20 Seasons

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3. No. 3: Tyson Clabo

Tyson Clabo
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Tyson Clabo is a success story that other undrafted free agents should look up to. Left without a team after the 2004 NFL Draft, Clabo signed and was released by three other teams before ending up with the Atlanta Falcons. It took two years for Clabo to start a full season, but once he did, he proved to be a consistent option on the offensive line.

Throughout his seven years with the team, he started 101 games, made the Pro Bowl in 2010, was named to the Atlanta Falcons All-Decade Team, and helped the team make the playoffs four times.

4. No. 2: Todd McClure

Todd McClure
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Todd McClure seems to be a forgotten man among casual NFL fans, but Atlanta Falcons fans recognize the impact he made and the importance he served throughout his 13 seasons with the team. McClure only missed four starts throughout his last 12 years and was inducted into the team’s Ring of Honor in 2022. Even though he was never named to the Pro Bowl or made an All-Pro team, it’s clear he is one of the best linemen in Atlanta Falcon’s history.