Three positions the Atlanta Falcons need to add talent to before week 1

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The Atlanta Falcons need to add talent at edge rusher

Current group of EDGE:

  • Arnold Ebiketie
  • Lorenzo Carter
  • DeAngelo Malone
  • Bud Dupree
  • Ade Ogundeji
  • Zach Harrison

This will be an interesting position to monitor for the Atlanta Falcons over the coming month. While there is a need for a proven player at edge rusher, there might not be room for one.

Last season, the Falcons elected to keep five outside pass rushers. Looking at those six players, Ade Ogundeji is the only one that could be a potential cut. Who knows, maybe Bud Dupree is another one, but right now it doesn't seem likely.

Those six players include three young guys (Ebiketie, Malone, and Harrison), a three-year veteran who is coming off of an awful season (Ogundeji), and two veterans—one who has never had more than five sacks in a season (Carter), and another one who hasn't played more than 11 games in four years (Dupree).

Where is the player that you can trust will get you more than eight sacks?

I love what Arnold Ebiketie showed early in the season and I love DeAngelo Malone's skillset that we didn't see too much last year, but what happens if both of them need another year or two to develop? That leaves you with even more uncertain players.

All in all, while there isn't much room for an extra player, it would still be nice to find a proven edge rusher to add to the team.