Three positions the Atlanta Falcons need to add talent to before week 1

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The Atlanta Falcons could add talent at off-ball linebacker

Current group of LBs:

  • Troy Andersen
  • Kaden Elliss*
  • Mykal Walker
  • Nate Landman
  • Tae Davis
  • Dorian Etheridge
  • Andre Smith
  • Mike Jones Jr.

*Elliss will be used at numerous positions outside of off-ball LB

My concerns at off-ball linebacker essentially mirror my concerns at edge rusher for the Atlanta Falcons. Where is the proven, reliable player?

Troy Andersen will have a lot on his plate in his second season. He showed flashes as a rookie but if he doesn't improve his tackling and recognition, then the Falcons defense could be in trouble.

Kaden Elliss is essentially the reliable player for the group. Two problems, he has only one year of production and he was signed to be a moveable piece. Elliss was not brought in to be a coverage player 24/7.

Mykal Walker has declined in every season he has played. At best, you have to be cautiously optimistic that he can be a consistently average player. He is great at making plays but tends to be a second or two behind on each play.

Overall, it would be nice to have a reliable player to insert into this position. Rashaan Evans would have been a great candidate if Dean Pees didn't retire, but there are still other players who are available to sign or will be available to sign in the future.

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