Top 10 famous celebrities who are Atlanta Falcons fans

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While the Atlanta Falcons' history may not be one of success Georgia's sports history as a whole is quickly improving with recent championships in the MLS for Atlanta United, in the MLB for the Atlanta Braves a season ago, and back-to-back titles in college football for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Add in recent success that Trae Young has brought to the Atlanta Hawks and the Falcons are now the lone franchise still hunting for a consistent level of success. Something fans are hoping will start to happen this

Being an Atlanta Falcons fan isn't for the faint of heart considering the history of the franchise. With only two Super Bowl appearances and zero rings fans who have remained committed to Atlanta haven't had it easy and that includes the more famous faces that are Falcons fans.

1. Samuel L. Jackson

Whether it has been attending games or doing promotional hype videos for the team there is no question about Jackson's commitment to the team. An iconic actor whose laundry list of credits includes everything from voice acting to iconic performances in Pulp Fiction or being a part of a number of franchises. Jackson is without a doubt one of the most accomplished actors of the last three decades and is counted among the Atlanta Falcons faithful.

2. Cam Newton

While Cam Newton is known as a hated rival and author of some of the worst tackle attempts we have ever seen from an Atlanta Falcons defense the former Carolina quarterback is also an Atlanta Falcons fan.