Top 10 famous celebrities who are Atlanta Falcons fans

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6. Kenan Thompson

The SNL alum has made it clear that he is an Atlanta Falcons fan but one with an interest in the Dallas Cowboys. The latter can be forgiven when you consider the support that Thompson has shown the team over the years despite the consistent collapse. Perhaps a great 2023 season will lessen Thompson's interest in a Dallas team that like Atlanta continues to invent ways to disappoint its fans.

7. Usher

Any discussion of Atlanta's impressive history of accomplished musicians wouldn't be complete without Usher. While the singer-songwriter might not have the star power he once did his accomplishments speak for themselves.

8. Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly has an impressive acting career with a wide range of roles. Perhaps most recently Kelly is well known for his roles in two original streaming series in Jack Ryan and House of Cards. Kelly is a vocal Atlanta Falcons supporter sticking with the team since the 90s despite Atlanta's consistent struggles.

9. Jermaine Dupri

Appearing in a remix of "Welcome to Atlanta" and attending a number of Falcons games the artist can be counted among Atlanta's well-known fans.

10. Jimmy Carter

The former president attended a number of Atlanta Braves games and made his support known for the Falcons as well.