Top 3 reasons the Atlanta Falcons need to trade for Lamar Jackson

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1. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Atlanta Falcons

This is a pretty simple reason, the Atlanta Falcons are never going to have the opportunity to land an established quarterback who has won an MVP and is still in his mid-twenties. This type of thing just never happens, let alone, it being a quarterback with the skillset that we have only seen once in the past.

You must have a franchise quarterback to win consistently in the NFL. While Desmond Ridder showed significant improvement through his four games, no one knows what he will or will not become, meanwhile, we know the type of player Lamar Jackson is.

It is usually better to go with the proven commodity, which is Jackson. Obviously, you have to worry about his ability to stay on the field but injuries can happen to any player at any time. Sometimes it is just about bad luck.