Top 3 reasons the Atlanta Falcons should stay away from Lamar Jackson

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1. The Atlanta Falcons should avoid Lamar Jackson because he doesn't have an agent

This will likely lead to a lot of pushback from fans but Lamar Jackson's decision not to hire an officially licensed NFLPA agent has killed his pockets. All of this would have been solved a long time ago if he had a licensed agent.

Nonetheless, not having an agent is his decision and he went that route for a reason. But he does have to live with the consequences and one of those is hesitation from teams—especially now—in dealing with him.

Say what you want, but every minute he spends discussing numbers is one less minute he is spending watching film, learning the playbook, working out, resting, or having leisure time which is vital for athletes.

Even when you come to terms with him, you have to worry about the future. What happens when he wants his contract restructured? It isn't like he can just tell his agent to go take care of it, he will have to take time out of his day to have those discussions. It complicates everything, simple as that.