Top 3 reasons the Atlanta Falcons should stay away from Lamar Jackson

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2. This would throw the Atlanta Falcons plans into the dumpster

What has Terry Fontenot's goal been since he became the Atlanta Falcons' general manager? Clear the cap as soon as possible and then start constructing a team with reasonable and manageable contracts.

Lamar Jackson may be saying that he isn't asking for a fully-guaranteed contract but he still wants $200+ million in guaranteed money. Let's be honest here, he could just be asking for a $231 million contract with $230 million guaranteed so that he can claim he isn't asking for a "fully-guaranteed contract."

We know that he wants a crazy amount in promised money, which is something that would go against what Terry Fontenot has been doing. If Terry were to pursue Lamar Jackson, he would be throwing his gameplan in the trash

Sure, he was willing to pursue Deshaun Watson last year but think about why he didn't end up in Atlanta. It was the guaranteed money that Cleveland offered and Atlanta wouldn't match. Contrary to popular belief, the failed Watson pursuit actually proves the narrative that they won't pursue Lamar.