Top 3 reasons the Atlanta Falcons should stay away from Lamar Jackson

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3. Lamar Jackson's injury concerns are real and should scare the Atlanta Falcons

Lamar Jackson has not played in a game in December in three years. He has missed every single one of Baltimore's games in December over the past two seasons—how could that not scare you if you are the Atlanta Falcons?

December is also the last full month of regular season play, in other words, it is when players are most banged up and those who play in December are generally the ones who are the most durable. Jackson having injuries late in the season means that he has taken too much of a beating from running around the field—which is exactly what you would be trading for him to do.

Teams want Lamar Jackson for his ability to make plays with his legs but what is the point if he is too beat up to play when it counts the most? I am not saying Jackson is doomed and will never have success in the playoffs, but logic and reasoning tell you to be cautious.

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