Trading Kyle Pitts would implode the Atlanta Falcons offense

Rumors have swirled recently about the Atlanta Falcons potentially trading stud tight end Kyle Pitts. However, doing so would result in a nightmare for Arthur Smith and the offense

Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions
Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

When players don't produce they instantly become the next "tradeable piece." Sometimes patience and context are required for players and the same is true for Kyle Pitts. We know he can be great (evidence being his rookie year) and he is still a big piece for this Atlanta Falcons offense.

Honestly, even though he isn't putting up 100 yards, he is still a huge key to the success of the Falcons offense which is why trading him is something that simply cannot happen—especially in Arthur Smith's scheme.

Atlanta Falcons CANNOT trade TE Kyle Pitts

Kyle Pitts is a huge piece to this offense. This isn't fantasy football where if a player doesn't get yards and touchdowns they are useless, this is real-life football. The Atlanta Falcons simply need Kyle Pitts to have any hope of having a consistent offense and an offense that can stretch the field.

I liken Pitts' value to the Falcons offense to a starting pitcher in baseball. Losing or trading a starting pitcher results in a trickle-down effect on a baseball team. All of a sudden more pressure is on the other starters, more pressure is on the bullpen, and more pressure is on the offense.

Without Pitts, the Falcons lose speed, versatility, and a tight end in a scheme that relies on tight ends.

More pressure and coverage is sent Drake London's way. Jonnu Smith becomes the featured tight end. Arthur Smith has to use John FitzPatrick and MyCole Pruitt in his two and three tight end sets.

You get the point I am trying to make here. It creates personnel and matchup issues. Kyle Pitts is as important to this offense as Drake London and Bijan Robinson are.

Yes, we all hope that Pitts can start making fantasy football managers happy but this is real life where things are more complicated than one catch equaling one point.

Losing Pitts would mean losing this offense and giving up on the season. The only way the Falcons would ever entertain a trade for Pitts is if they get an elite tight end in return. They need Kyle Pitts, end of discussion.


Also, Pitts is not that bad of a blocker, even if Rob Gronkowski says he is. I have seen him go one-on-one with pass rushers and beat them. In no way is Pitts a liability in any area.

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