Two best paths left for former Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Matt Ryan recently stepped away from football to join the CBS booth making it clear that this wasn't a retirement and that the veteran was still open to playing. One failed season in Indy a year after being a part of a terrible Atlanta Falcons offense was enough to push Ryan out of contention for starting jobs and allow the veteran to step away from the game at least for now.

One interesting potential option that has emerged for the veteran is a Raiders team that suddenly doesn't have an answer at quarterback. While Jimmy G. might prove healthy and still be the week one starter there is an obvious cause for concern.

The Raiders will be desperate if the injury does void the contract leaving Matt Ryan an interesting starting opportunity.

Aside from this, it is clear that Ryan's best path is to join the CBS booth and wait for either an injury to provide the perfect chance to step in or for next season allowing a year to get healthy. As durable as Ryan has been over the last decade it is important to remember that the veteran has taken far too much punishment.

Taking a season away from the game could allow Ryan a fresh return as a starting option for a final season or two in the right situation. While Atlanta has clearly moved on it would be great to see Ryan get one final chance at a playoff run or at least end a great career on a high note.

Far too often Ryan was let down by poor offensive line play and defenses that forced Atlanta to win shootouts.

Ryan deserves a better exit from the league than the one the veteran was given with what is clearly a bad Colts team. If the Raiders' job doesn't fall his way stepping away from the game for a season and returning healthy could be Ryan's best option and allow the quarterback to play one final season at a high level.