Two teams clearly ahead of the Atlanta Falcons to sign Hopkins

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New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

While the Atlanta Falcons clearly have a need at receiver seeing the front office land the top remaining option DeAndre Hopkins would be shocking. The veteran receiver would clearly be a great fit for what Atlanta is building, however, the Falcons don't have a chance to land the veteran.

Hopkins is looking to win meaningful games after spending time with the Texans and Cardinals consistently losing throughout his impressive career. Clearly, the two teams that stand out as better fits are the Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs.

If you're looking to win a ring or put up big numbers in what will likely be a contract year teaming up with Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen is without question your best move. With Joe Burrow already having an all-star team of receivers the best landing spot with a top quarterback is with the Bills or Chiefs.

Kansas City clearly could use more depth at the position lacking a number one option. The Bills have Diggs as their number one receiver but lack proven depth even bringing back veteran Cole Beasley during the 2022 season to attempt to improve their lack of options.

Hopkins landing in Atlanta makes sense on paper but when you consider the other potential fits around the league it becomes very clear that the Falcons have zero chance of landing the receiver unless they are willing to overpay.

Paying Hopkins well above market value seems to be the only reason the veteran would join a team with an unproven quarterback, three starting running backs, and an offense with two great options already in Kyle Pitts and Drake London.

With the Falcons not yet a Super Bowl contender and with an offense clearly focused on running the football the reasons for Hopkins to stay away far outweigh the fit with the Bills and Chiefs remaining the likely landing spots for the star receiver.