Tyler Allgeier will still have a huge role with the Atlanta Falcons

Tyler Allgeier is coming off of an impressive 1,000-yard season and he should still have a big role with the Atlanta Falcons despite the arrival of Bijan Robinson

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When the Atlanta Falcons used their 2022 fifth-round pick on Tyler Allgeier no one expected that he would rush for over 1,000 yards and break the franchise rookie rushing record. However, everyone was mistaken as he gained 1,035 on the ground.

Fast forward to the 2023 NFL Draft and the Falcons decided to use their top-ten pick on running back Bijan Robinson which has caused everyone to forget about Tyler Allgeier. Nevertheless, the second-year running back is still going to see plenty of action during the season.

Tyler Allgeier will still see plenty of action with the Atlanta Falcons

Ever since Bijan Robinson was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons, the media has assumed that he would take every handoff for the Falcons' offense. That is simply wrong as Arthur Smith is still going to feed fellow running backs Tyler Allgeier and Cordarrelle Patterson.

Bijan is not going to be expected to carry the ball over 350 times like when Derrick Henry was in Arthur Smith's offense. The Falcons don't want to run the kid into the ground in his first season. Not to mention, he is going to play everywhere on offense.

In 2022, the Falcons' running backs carried the ball 454 times. Tyler Allgeier had 210 carries, Cordarrelle Patterson had 144, Caleb Huntley had 76, Avery Williams had 22, and Damien Williams had 2.

There are also the 85 carries that Marcus Mariota had. Desmond Ridder is not going to carry the ball that many times. For a benchmark, Ridder had four carries in his four starts last year.

With Caleb Huntley, Avery Williams, Damien Williams, and Marcus Mariota gone, there should be something like 150 carries that will need to be made up. Obviously, that depends on how many times the Falcons run the ball and how many carries Ridder will have (probably not many).

Bijan should be the featured running back but Tyler Allgeier could be hot on his tail. I could see Allgeier having a similar number of carries in year two while Bijan has 30-50 more.

Again, the Falcons don't want to run Bijan into the ground in his rookie year. Arthur Smith knows he has three great running backs and so don't be surprised if the carries are more spread out than you would think.

There might even be a chance that Allgeier carries the ball more. I have a feeling Bijan will be used at receiver more than anyone expects.