Watch: Grady Jarrett & Desmond Ridder join ESPN & GMFB to discuss Atlanta Falcons

Desmond Ridder joins SportsCenter, ESPN NFL Live, and Good Morning Football while Grady Jarrett joins GMFB to discuss their Atlanta Falcons
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

The hate has chilled out a little bit, that is for sure. Media outlets have started bringing in a couple of Atlanta Falcons players to discuss the team and other things.

The two players who have been making the most appearances are two of the team leaders—quarterback Desmond Ridder and veteran defensive tackle Grady Jarrett.

Atlanta Falcons QB Desmond Ridder and DT Grady Jarrett join various media outlets

The Atlanta Falcons have traditionally been a team that isn't in the spotlight too often. Their players are usually waiting in the dark when it comes to national media.

This offseason has been different as the Falcons were blasted early in the offseason for not pursuing QB Lamar Jackson. However, time heals everything and since Jackson signed his extension with the Ravens, the hate for the Falcons has mellowed.

In fact, many outlets have been featuring some Falcons players on their shows. Starting with 'Good Morning Football', they have talked with Grady Jarrett more than once, as well as Desmond Ridder.

Grady Jarrett on 'Good Morning Football'

Desmond Ridder on 'Good Morning Football'

Past that, Desmond Ridder has joined ESPN's 'SportsCenter' and 'NFL Live' shows. They even asked him some interesting questions like what the worst job is.

Desmond Ridder on 'NFL Live'

Desmond Ridder on 'SportsCenter'

Grady and Desmond have great personalities and it is no wonder that they are the most featured Falcons players on national television—at least during the offseason. Things might change once the NFL is live every Sunday.

When the Atlanta Falcons start winning games we will only see them on national TV more. The youth and athleticism of the Falcons will make them one of the biggest risers in marketability. Bijan Robinson, Drake London, and Kyle Pitts are all extremely talented and electric players who the NFL will have to feature.