What are realistic expectations for Kirk Cousins in year one?

Kansas City Chiefs v Minnesota Vikings
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1. Kirk Cousins leads the Atlanta Falcons to an NFC South title

This team was competing for the NFC South with Desmond Ridder as their starting quarterback. Barring injuries winning the NFC South is not only a fair goal but it should be the expectation. The Carolina Panthers are a complete mess having lost franchise players each of the past two offseasons.

The New Orleans Saints continue to kick the can further down the road attempting to win with an old veteran roster that can't get it done any longer. This leaves only Tampa Bay as the clear threat to the Atlanta Falcons division hopes.

Tampa won the division each of the past two seasons without managing to win 10 games. They are far from an elite roster despite having the only other consistently capable quarterback in the division. Kirk Cousins has the better offensive line, running game, and arguably a better defense.

If Kirk Cousins doesn't win the NFC South and misses the playoffs in year one things have gone horribly wrong. Raheem Morris is likely on the hot seat with Kirk's future very much in question. While the team doesn't have to make a playoff run they must win the division or make the playoffs.