What are realistic expectations for Kirk Cousins in year one?

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3. Cousins is a top-five quarterback in the NFC

While this might seem like a lofty aspiration consider his competition and the weapons he will have in comparison. Matthew Stafford, Dak Prescott, Jalen Hurts, Jordan Love, Jared Goff, and Kirk Cousins are the top starters in the conference.

Stafford is the only player that is more accomplished and clearly head and shoulders above Cousins. The rest of the conference's top starters have had up-and-down careers that could each rank behind Cousins this season.

Kirk Cousins can easily be a top five starter in the NFC and if that happens the Falcons are going to win 10-12 games and be hosting an NFC playoff game.

Anything less from Cousins is a failure for the franchise and a letdown for the fanbase. Cousins is being paid as a top 10-15 quarterback in this league. That is exactly what the Falcons need from him if Cousins is going to live up to expectations and the team is going to take a step forward.

If the Falcons can get all three of these things from Cousins the deal will be considered a win for both sides.