What Atlanta Falcons first round decision means for Cordarrelle Patterson

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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The Atlanta Falcons drafting Bijan Robinson 8th overall clearly shakes up the Atlanta Falcons backfield with Robinson the starter and Allgeier now as the second option. Part of what made the decision so surprising was the great success that Allgeier had throughout his first season clearly getting better throughout the season and finishing over 1,000 rushing yards.

Robinson and Allgeier will form arguably the best running-back duo in the league with Cordarrelle Patterson as the third option. While Arthur Smith's system will clearly give three running backs a large role with the addition of Robinson Atlanta fans should expect to see Patterson back in a utility role.

Far more often in the 2021 season, Patterson would line up at receiver or would be used creatively with a quarterback in Matt Ryan capable of getting the veteran the football. With the addition of Mariota and the lack of another option at running back, the Falcons started Patterson and had Allgeier as the second option before the rookie solidified himself as the clear starter toward the end of the season.

Patterson is at his best when used in a utility role lining up all over the field and creating mismatches in the process. Adding Robinson shouldn't signal a smaller role for Patterson but one that is far better suited for Patterson's skill set while providing Atlanta easily the best three options at the position in the league.

There is the factor of Patterson's age and injury struggles last season as well giving the Falcons reason to believe utilizing Robinson and Allgeier from the backfield more often and allowing Patterson to play that utility role will help keep the veteran healthy in the 2023 season.

Adding Bijan Robinson adds intrigue to both camp and the preseason perhaps offering a sneak peek at how Atlanta will manage their now-crowded backfield.