What Justin Jefferson's record deal means for Atlanta Falcons future

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Former Kirk Cousins teammate and suggested Atlanta Falcons target Justin Jefferson is in Minnesota to stay. The star receiver cashed in on a 4-year deal worth $140-million making Jefferson the highest-paid non-quarterback in the league.

For the Vikings, Jefferson is worth every penny after losing Kirk Cousins and dealing with offensive uncertainty. The Vikings are in a division with the Bears, Lions, and Packers. All three of their division rivals have far more exciting stories and young building blocks. Unless J.J. McCarthy becomes a star quarterback this is a 3rd or 4th place team that needs a reason to keep fans interested.

Justin Jefferson serves as that and gives your quarterback a chance to exceed expectations. Aside from being a rumored landing spot for Jefferson the Falcons should be paying attention to this deal.

It comes on the heels of the Miami Dolphins paying Jaylen Waddle $84.75-million over three years. Waddle cashing in as the second receiver is a warning sign of what the Falcons are going to have to pay for Kyle Pitts and Drake London.

Atlanta's two young star pass catchers are nearing the end of their rookie deals. Both players have been let down by poor coaching and quarterback play. With Kirk Cousins now under center, you can expect a huge leap in production. This is going to translate into a huge price tag as the price for a capable receiver continues to balloon.

The Falcons have two years of control left over Kyle Pitts and three over London if they use the fifth-year option. Leading to the obvious question what might the market look like at the position by this time?

Atlanta should continue to delay paying either player as long as possible. What we are seeing across the league is teams overpaying for a position that can be easily found. Consider Houston, Green Bay, Kansas City, Buffalo, and the Rams when they lost Kupp. If you have the quarterback position correct you can go out and find production at the position.

What Jefferson's deal is telling Atlanta fans is the fact they may have to move off of either Pitts or London in the near future. Adding to the sense of urgency the Falcons should view the next two years with.