What Michael Penix Jr. workout tells us about Atlanta's plans at quarterback

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The Atlanta Falcons sending a large contingent for a private workout with Michael Penix Jr. sends a message about Atlanta's approach to the position. It shows a self-awareness that they understand that Kirk Cousins is a short-term solution that has bought them time to find a real answer.

Kirk Cousins could defy Father Time and be an option for all four seasons he is under contract. However, the Falcons cannot afford to simply wait and hope. They need to spend each of the next two seasons searching for an answer in the draft.

While a first-round pick should be off the table this season it should be a consideration the following year. Especially if Atlanta adds the franchise pass rusher they have been missing for much of the last decade in this year's draft.

Michael Penix Jr. might be out of Atlanta's reach but the team continuing to research the position fully shows understanding of their situation. While one would believe that this is basic NFL roster building that isn't always the case.

You don't have to look elsewhere in the league simply consider Atlanta never bringing in an option behind Matt Ryan. Ryan was the ultimate captain and team player and would have done well in a mentor role. Instead, the team opted to never add anyone of note behind Ryan.

The franchise paid the price for this with a year of Marcus Mariota followed by a season of Desmond Ridder. While you aren't always going to get the position right the first time it is far better to make than attempt than simply rely on your veterans.

Atlanta is going to be good enough to win their way out of contention for a draft pick to add a clear franchise prospect. That means as long as Kirk Cousins is your starter you should be taking swings in the draft at finding your future.

Even if this means a wasted draft pick or two it is far better to make the attempts to find answers than sit and hope an answer presents itself when Cousins leaves or can no longer play at a high level.