What will an A.J. Terrell extension look like for the Falcons?

If the Atlanta Falcons are able to come to an agreement on an extension with A.J. Terrell, here is what it could look like.
Atlanta Falcons v Tennessee Titans
Atlanta Falcons v Tennessee Titans / Justin Ford/GettyImages

Yesterday, we asked the question on if the Atlanta Falcons will extend their All-Pro cornerback A.J. Terrell. From everything we have heard from the team, it looks like they will try their hardest to keep him around for the long haul.

The thing is, it will not come cheap and the longer they wait, the more expensive it will become.

As with every other position, you have to look at the market value of the position and what recent contracts look like.

Two corners have recently landed lucrative contracts, the first being Jaylon Johnson of the Bears and the second being the traded L'Jarius Sneed with the Titans. Here is what their contracts look like.

Jaylon Johnson, Chicago Bears:

  • 4 years, $76 million
  • $19 million annual average
  • $43.8 million guaranteed at signing
  • $51.4 million total guaranteed

L'Jarius Sneed, Tennessee Titans:

Those are two contracts that A.J. Terrell will rival if he signs an extension. Terrell has a longer history of elite play than either of those players but he did not have as good of a season last year as them in 2023. Those will balance out and should land Terrell a similar contract.

A.J. Terrell's contract extension will hover around $20 million per year

There is also a chance that he will break the $20 million mark. Currently, Denzel Ward and Jaire Alexander are the only two who have broken into the 20s but I would lean toward him getting $19 million annually.

The Falcons can lower his $12 million fifth-year option cap hit by handing him more in guarantees. With the Falcons needing to clear up money to sign their draft class, this could be an avenue they pursue in the next couple of weeks.

Terry Fontenot needs to come to an agreement with one of the pillars of the defense.