When could Matt Ryan call an Atlanta Falcons game this season?

Atlanta Falcons v Buffalo Bills
Atlanta Falcons v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan joined the CBS broadcast booth this off-season opening up the chance for the veteran to call one of Atlanta's games. While in years past the conferences have been divided with CBS often getting AFC games and FOX handling the NFC that has switched this season.

Atlanta will be on FOX for the majority of their broadcasts but have five games currently scheduled with CBS with two games yet to be determined where they will air.

The first chance Atlanta fans would have to hear Matt Ryan on the call would be in week six at home against Washington. It isn't a matchup that is particularly interesting heading into the season and whether or not Ryan is on the call obviously all depends on his role with the network.

So far Atlanta has games scheduled for CBS in the following weeks as well all with a chance to either have Ryan on the call or at the least hear his breakdown of his former team.

Week 6 Washington Commanders vs. Atlanta Falcons

Week 8 Tennessee Titans vs. Atlanta Falcons

Week 10 Atlanta Falcons vs. Arizona Cardinals

Week 14 Tampa Bay Bucs vs. Atlanta Falcons

Week 17 Atlanta Falcons vs. Chicago Bears

While these games are far from Atlanta's best matchups all five have an interesting case as games that would benefit from Ryan's perspective. It is the veteran's first season out of the league and the insight he could provide both on these teams and on Atlanta should be unique.

It is important to note that Ryan's role is yet to be made clear with the network and how they will divide his time. But it would seem to be a clear mistake to have the best player in the history of Atlanta's franchise and fail to allow the veteran to call at least one game this season.