When could Ryan be on an Atlanta Falcons broadcast this season?

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

A year after the Atlanta Falcons jettisoned Matt Ryan after a poor decision was made to chase Deshaun Watson the veteran quarterback has stepped away from the game. Matt's first year with the Colts went poorly with Ryan struggling with turnovers and the Colts obviously in complete disarray. Moving on was the right move for both sides with the Colts drafting Anthony Richardson and Ryan joining the CBS booth.

While Ryan is stepping away from the game the veteran made it clear that this isn't a retirement and he is open to playing again. This could mean an injury gives Ryan a chance to return before ever calling a Falcons game.

However, if Ryan sticks with the CBS broadcast for the entire season there will be more than one chance for the quarterback to call an Atlanta game.

Atlanta's first game that is scheduled on CBS will be in week six when the Falcons take on Washington at home on October 15th. Games against the Bucs, Titans, Bears, and Cardinals are slated to be on CBS as well giving Atlanta fans plenty of chances to hear their former franchise quarterback on the call.

As nice as it would be to have Matt Ryan calling games and providing a unique perspective it would be far better for the veteran to go out on a higher note on the field before turning to broadcast long term. Whether at some point this season or next year one final season from the veteran in a better situation than he had in Indy would be great.

Barring injury, however, this is unlikely to happen considering what Ryan put on tape the past two seasons and the depth now at the position with teams able to carry an extra quarterback without it counting against a roster spot. Last year in Indy was likely Ryan's farewell season a difficult end to what was an underappreciated career.