When is the bye week for the Atlanta Falcons?

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The Atlanta Falcons 2023 bye week is well scheduled with Atlanta receiving their bye in week 11 after their trip to Arizona. This gives Atlanta an extra week to prepare for their division rival (New Orleans) and will then have a favorable finish to the year with the Panthers, Bucs, Jets, Saints, Colts, and Bears finishing out the Atlanta season.

Getting their bye week in November is ideal considering the schedule layout. Of Atlanta's first ten games eight will be played in the 1:00 PM EST slot. This is understandable due both to the ease of Atlanta's schedule and the lack of recent success.

Atlanta's first ten weeks will be as follows Panthers, Packers, Lions, Jaguars, Texans, Commanders, Bucs, Titans, Vikings, and Cardinals followed by Atlanta's bye week. Looking at the first ten games it is fair to expect the team to have 6-7 wins with extremely favorable matchups in seven of the ten games.

The Lions, Vikings, and Jaguars are the only teams that can be argued as favorites over Atlanta. The Falcons clearly have an advantage over the other seven rosters and should be able to easily find their way to double-digit wins.

Atlanta's week four matchup with Jacksonville is the team's lone game in which they will be the only team playing with a 9:30 EST kick-off due to playing in London. Jacksonville is clearly Atlanta's toughest matchup and will offer Falcons fans a look at Calvin Ridley's return early in the season.

Outside of this matchup, the only clear playoff contender on Atlanta's schedule is the Vikings a team that has proven capable of losing to any team consistently in nail-biting matchups. The fact Atlanta's bye week happens at an ideal spot only furthers the point of how easy the schedule is this season and how the path is clearly set for Atlanta to return to playoff contention this season.