Where do Atlanta Falcons rank among cities chances at 2024 title?

Toronto Raptors v Atlanta Hawks
Toronto Raptors v Atlanta Hawks / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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5. Atlanta Hawks

It isn't hard to make the argument that this is by far the most poorly run franchise in Atlanta sports. You have a superstar in Trae Young and you refused to build a team around him that fits his skill set. Hawks fans are getting a taste of just how bad this team is without Young as the star has been out with an injury.

The last time that this team had a roster that worked for Trae they gave the city memorable moments against the Knicks and 76ers before losing to the eventual champion Bucks in the ECF. That was only two years ago and it feels as if it has been a lifetime.

This franchise is lost and showing no signs they understand what they need to do to fix this team. Jalen Johnson has been a welcome distraction at times but what is there to believe in that this team could force some type of run? Even if Trae returns the team needs to win two straight play-in games just to have a chance to beat the Celtics or Bucks in the next round. This is a franchise that continues to push itself in the wrong direction and waste its star.