Where do Atlanta Falcons rank among cities chances at 2024 title?

Toronto Raptors v Atlanta Hawks
Toronto Raptors v Atlanta Hawks / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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4. Atlanta Dream

Rhyne Howard is fun to watch but what else is there about this team to put your arms around? Yes, they have some fun pieces but we are talking about making a championship run here. The WNBA very well could have a repeat champion and it is easy to make the case for nearly half the league taking them down before you get to the Atlanta Dream.

They play a fun brand of basketball but it isn't anywhere close to championship level. One could argue they are further back than the Hawks but in truth, it doesn't matter neither team is making a 2024 run barring a miracle.

3. Atlanta United

In just their second season Atlanta United won the championship beating Portland with a team that captured the city. Atlanta United games were a different brand of excitement. They captured the city in a way that only the Braves had in years past. The energy and intensity of the fans was unlike anything the city had felt in quite some time.

United lost far too many key pieces after their championship run and have struggled to recapture that 2018 magic. This year's team is far better but still clearly has flaws. It is possible but Atlanta is far from the favorite with a long way to go.