Where do Falcons rank among NFC South threats?

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3. New Orleans Saints

Why the Saints refuse to rebuild and keep putting together average teams is truly baffling. Atlanta and Carolina stole pieces of the Saints defensive line and the Falcons added coach Ryan Nielsen in an off-season that was shaded by the addition of Derek Carr.

Your star receiver cannot stay healthy and isn't close to the player he once was while your starting running back is facing off-the-field concerns. The answer to both of these issues as well as losing key defensive pieces was to go all in on Derek Carr.

This a move that is going to benefit both Carolina and Atlanta in the long term as this team is going to be forced to rebuild soon. One that is now going to be very difficult with Carr's contract. The Saints should have opted to rebuild not make a desperation move for an average quarterback that has failed to win a playoff game in nearly a decade. Add in the obvious downgrade at receiver and Carr's struggles aren't going to improve in New Orleans.

The only thing that the Saints will contend for in 2023 is a top-ten draft pick. This isn't a team that is capable of competing for a playoff spot.