Where do Falcons rank among NFC South threats?

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2. Carolina Panthers

If the Panthers had kept Steve Wilks there is a reason to believe they are the favorites in the division. Instead, an impatient owner fired a head coach that was a game away from winning the division despite a complete collapse at the start of the season.

Letting Wilks go and bringing in a new head coach while trading D.J. Moore as part of a package to land Bryce Young is far too much change to believe in this team in year one. Young has a lot to prove and clearly lacks an elite option at receiver.

Add in the injury concerns for the rookie and this team has far too many question marks to be the division favorite heading into the 2023 season. Questions for the secondary, offensive line, coaching, and rookie quarterback will be what determine the 2023 season for this team. A roster that can win anywhere from 7-11 games based on how they answer these concerns over the next weeks.

Week one kicks off a matchup between the Panthers and Falcons helping set the tone early for who the division favorite is in arguably the worst division in the league.