Where do the Atlanta Falcons fall in NFC South week one free agency grades?

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
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New Orleans Saints D-

Notable additions: Derek Carr, Jamaal Williams, Nathan Shepard, and Khalen Saunders

Notable departures: David Onyemata, Andy Dalton, Marcus Davenport, Kaden Elliss, Shy Tuttle, Deonte Harty, and Shy Tuttle

What are the Saints doing here? The team is clearly in need of a rebuild and continues to find ways to put it off another season. Do you truly believe you are winning a Super Bowl with Andy Dalton, Jameis Winston, or Derek Carr?

The team has lost the majority of their offensive line and paid top dollar for a quarterback who is only a slight upgrade over Andy Dalton. The Saints managed to win seven games last season and have lost more than they have added thus far.

Does Derek Carr really move the needle for this team? A player who in almost a decade has made the playoffs only once and failed to make it to twenty points. Not to mention the fact that Carr is coming off of a rough season that ended with him on the bench despite having superior weapons to what the Saints can offer.

This team is going to be forced to face reality soon with nowhere to go except the basement of the division no matter how long they continue to push off a rebuild they have needed since Drew Brees retired.

Sean Payton saw the writing on the wall and left opting to join the same division as Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert instead of continuing to coach this team. The Saints may have the most established quarterback in the division, however, Carr's tradition of missing the playoffs while putting up solid numbers will continue for a team who as seasons end will yet again be facing the inevitability of rebuilding this roster.