Where do the Atlanta Falcons fall in NFC South week one free agency grades?

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
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Tampa Bay Bucs C+

Notable Additions: Baker Mayfield, Chase Edmonds, and Greg Gaines

Notable Subtractions: Donovan Smith, Tom Brady, Sean Bunting, and Mike Edwards

Tampa Bay will lose the majority of their current free agents as the team is rightfully committing to a rebuild. It is hard to say anything negative about what Tampa has done over the past three seasons considering it has resulted in three straight playoff berths and a Super Bowl win.

If they had to do it again there isn't any question this franchise would go all in on Tom Brady who delivered the team a title and relevance they hadn't had since Gruden left.

However, this is focusing not on what Tampa has accomplished but on the off-season at hand, and going from Brady to Baker Mayfield while losing so many key free agents is setting this team up for a painful season.

The good news for Tampa is the fact they still have young building blocks and are very capable of an accelerated rebuild having this team back into contention in the next two years. A window the Falcons must take advantage of as the team is currently without a franchise quarterback and set to take a large step back even from last season when the team won the division despite finishing below .500 on the season.