Where do the Atlanta Falcons rank in NFC South heading into free agency?

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4. Carolina Panthers

Even the most ardent Carolina Panthers fan is going to have a hard time forming a cohesive argument that keeps the Panthers out of the NFC South basement. The Panthers tried trading for a quarterback, bringing back Cam Newton, changing the head coach, and drafting a franchise quarterback in Bryce Young. Somehow with each change, it seems the results have only gotten worse for this team.

What is it that they do well they can build off of to compete in this division? Bryce Young was running for his life all of last season and had zero help at receiver. Without a first-round pick this season and with few top free agents clamoring to get to Carolina what is the way out for this team?

It seems it is simply to hope the Young takes a huge leap in year two and that they find a way to hit on surprise free-agent landings. It is hard to sell much on this team and Young's rookie season will have many questioning if he can be a franchise quarterback. With a third head coach in as many years and still no clear offensive identity this team is in trouble.