Where do the Atlanta Falcons rank in NFC South heading into free agency?

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3. New Orleans Saints

When will the Saints learn that a rebuild must happen? Set aside the obvious hate that Falcons fans hold for this team and look objectively at the last decade. The Saints went all in and often go the better of Atlanta. However, this came at a steep price and the longer the Saints put off a rebuild the higher that price becomes.

Your team doesn't simply have a GM who has learned to game the system the Saints have a GM who understands the rules and pushing the bill forward one more year to contend. New Orleans did this in the worst way going all in on Derek Carr and still unable to find a winning record.

The Saints need to do exactly what the Falcons did at the start of the Terry Fontenot era. The team needs to admit defeat and eat as many bad contracts as they can starting over from a veteran team that isn't a playoff contender without Drew Brees. The quarterback was clearly the glue holding this team together and each season since he has left New Orleans continues to find ways to push the roster in the wrong direction. For Atlanta fans, however, the longer the team delays the inevitable the better the chance to get revenge for the Drew Brees era.