Where does Arthur Smith rank among NFC South head coaches?

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2. Arthur Smith 14-20 Record

While there are concerns about Arthur Smith it is easy to make the case that the third-year head coach is the second-best option in this division. Coaching two rebuilding rosters to seven wins and consistently contending despite having issues at quarterback and little to no pass rush speaks to Smith's strong offensive prowess and ability to get the most out of an average roster.

This season, however, the bar is far higher for Smith who now must prove that Atlanta can win consistently with a rebuilt roster. The pressure is turned up far higher in year three and we will quickly see whether or not Smith can handle it.

With arguably the best rushing attack in the league with the addition of Bijan Robinson, two great defensive coaches added, and a rebuilt defense it is hard not to see this team taking a huge step forward under Smith during the 2023 season.

Smith's greatest trait as a head coach has been both the aforementioned ability to build the running game as well as devise consistently strong game plans even when Atlanta is clearly outmatched. The best example of this was in a 2022 win over San Francisco. Zero question Arthur Smith is the second-best coach in this division and deserves far more credit.