Where does Arthur Smith rank among NFC South head coaches?

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3. Todd Bowles 34-50 Record

Perhaps you could excuse Todd Bowles struggles as a head coach when the veteran was a part of the Jets considering the lack of talent he was given. However, after one season of coaching Tampa, it is safe to say that New York's roster wasn't the only problem.

Tampa had so much talent on last year's roster and their game plans were consistently bland and underwhelming. A season after being a Super Bowl favorite under Bruce Arians and making a late-season surge the Bucs didn't look close to the same team struggling to do anything at a high level.

While a part of this can be placed on Tom Brady the coaching staff deserves far more blame. Bowles had a roster that should have won double-digit games and instead limped to the finish and was completely demolished in a playoff game they had zero business playing in.

The fact that all four teams were in the division race so late into the year when Tampa had so much more talent speaks to the poor job that Bowles did in year one.