Where does Arthur Smith rank among NFC South head coaches?

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4. Dennis Allen 15-38 Record

Dennis Allen is an elite coordinator and deserves massive credit for what he has accomplished in that role. However, Allen is clearly not a head coach managing to win only 28% of his games with a lot of that improvement coming for a scrappy 2022 Saints team that clearly didn't improve this off-season.

You have an aging roster that attempted to fix all of their problems by giving Derek Carr a deal the front office will quickly regret. The team badly needs a rebuild and instead has doubled down on a head coach that clearly is overmatched and paid top dollar for a quarterback that hasn't won a single playoff game in nearly a decade.

For a franchise that is used to the stability of Sean Payton and Drew Brees, it is going to be a rough few seasons as New Orleans realizes what those paying close attention already know. Dennis Allen isn't an NFL head coach and Derek Carr isn't going to save a franchise that clearly needs a reset and has since Drew Brees and Sean Payton moved on.