Where does Atlanta Falcons quarterback room rank in NFC South?

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4. Carolina Panthers- Bryce Young and Andy Dalton

Not a lot to be excited about if you're the Carolina Panthers heading into the 2024 season. Not only did you make the wrong choice in taking Bryce Young over C.J. Stroud you paid a high price to do so. A price that could have allowed you the chance to take Caleb Williams as your starter the very next season.

While it remains to be seen if Williams is better than Young the expected answer is yes. Bryce Young was put in an awful situation but was unable to even tread water. Yes, C.J. Stroud had more talent around him but it was an awful team before the quarterback took over and set the tone.

This leads to Carolina's backup Andy Dalton, in experience, there is an argument that outside of the Falcons, the Panthers have the best backup in the division. The problem for the Panthers is their backup might be a better starting option than the current starter they spent the future for.

With limited draft picks from said trade they are going to struggle to add weapons and protection for a quarterback that looks lost at the next level.