Where does Atlanta Falcons quarterback room rank in NFC South?

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2. Tampa Bay Bucs- Baker Mayfield, Kyle Trask, and John Wolford

Even as a division rival, it is hard not to love Baker Mayfield and respect what he accomplished. The veteran quarterback was moved on from by the Browns, Panthers, and Rams. For two of those teams, it was a clear mistake with the Rams getting a pass only because they had Matthew Stafford as their franchise leader.

Mayfield is a vocal leader who found a way to take over for Tom Brady and win over the fanbase winning more playoff games than Brady in his final season. This speaks to both his ability and the talent still on a rebuilding roster.

For the Bucs, the decision to pay Mayfield was obvious and kept them in the division and playoff conversation. This is a two-team race with the Panthers and Saints both expected to be the doormats of the NFC.

Kyle Trask is impossible to evaluate fully based on limited tape. Preseason Trask isn't overwhelming but he appears to be a solid backup that could be a willing point guard if pressed into starting. John Wolford will be remembered for being forced into action for the Rams in the playoffs. A solid room that should solidify this as a two-team race.