Where does Atlanta Falcons quarterback room rank in NFC South?

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1. Atlanta Falcons- Kirk Cousins, Taylor Heinicke, and Michael Penix Jr.

The last time Kirk Cousins was on the field he was putting up MVP-level numbers and clearly was a better starter than Baker Mayfield. As Cousins ages and comes back from injury this could change, however, with the information and history we have Cousins is inarguably the better player.

Atlanta now has the deepest quarterback room as well with three players that could make an argument to be a starter. Cousins is a starter in this league and if not for a shocking draft pick Penix Jr. would be as well.

This leaves Taylor Heinicke who struggled in Atlanta but has been a capable starter in his career. This is the deepest room and gives Atlanta three legitimate starters if Cousins deals with injuries at any point in the next two seasons.

Atlanta's frustration with the team selecting Penix Jr. has little to do with the prospect himself and more to do with the timing and roster needs. Michael Penix Jr. makes this team better and gives them an exciting prospect. However, this doesn't take away the concerning decision-making by the front office.