Where does Desmond Ridder rank among current NFC South starters?

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Desmond Ridder
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2. Desmond Ridder

While Desmond Ridder has only played four games it is important to remember that the bar for quarterbacks in this league right now is being better than Andy Dalton or Kyle Trask. Ridder clearly is every bit as talented as both of these players and can create far more outside the pocket clearly having a higher ceiling.

Desmond simply needs to be a low-tier starter to be the second-best quarterback in this division. With a mistake-prone quarterback in New Orleans, question marks in Tampa, and a rookie starter in Carolina, it is completely on the table that Desmond ends the 2023 season as the best starter in the NFC South and a top-five option in the conference.

When Geno Smith, Dak Prescott, Kirk Cousins, and Jalen Hurts are at the top of the league Ridder doesn't have to accomplish all that much to put himself in that conversation.

Ridder will benefit from a full off-season of reps as the number one option, an upgraded defense, and getting both Kyle Pitts and Mack Hollins added to the offense. When the season ends for Atlanta it is a letdown if Desmond isn't at least the second-best option in a league full of ugly quarterback play.