Where does Desmond Ridder rank among current NFC South starters?

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1. Derek Carr

The margin between Derek Carr and Andy Dalton isn't all that large but it is clearly there for a team that upgraded at the most important position on the field. Unfortunately for New Orleans, the lack of off-season upgrades and poor coaching far outweigh a slight upgrade at the position.

Carr leaving the Raiders is going to be a mistake for both sides considering that Carr downgraded the offensive talent around him with the Saints while the Raiders' grand plan was to turn to Jimmy G. who is only better if you consider quarterback wins on a superior roster in San Francisco.

To say Derek Carr is currently the best starter in this league speaks to the lack of depth and in no way reflects on the season that New Orleans is in for. Rather it is pointing out that Carr is the only known and proven starter heading into 2023.

Considering Carr's resume it would be far better to be either Carolina or Atlanta with the chance to find a franchise quarterback instead of having an overpaid veteran who has proven to need elevating incapable of pushing subpar rosters to the playoffs leaving New Orleans competing for the basement of the division in 2023.