Where does Desmond Ridder rank among NFC South quarterbacks?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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4. Derek Carr

2023 Stats: 2,880-Passing Yards, 13-Passing touchdowns, 7-Interceptions, 39-Rushing Yards

Perhaps Derek Carr's stats don't appear to be the worst in this terrible division but if you've seen the games you know why Carr is here. Derek can't stay on the field it seems and when the quarterback is on the field his receivers and linemen are catching heat. Perhaps they should be the ones yelling at Carr telling the veteran to stop wasting this franchise their hard-earned money.

Carr is on a terrible contract and playing every bit as badly as Bryce Young or Desmond Ridder. What sets this over the top as the worst situation is not only the contract but also the interactions between the offensive teammates. This team is badly broken and things aren't going to get better anytime soon.

New Orleans has a tougher finish to the season than Atlanta or Tampa and has already lost to both teams. Derek Carr isn't a player that the Saints are going to be able to part ways with anytime soon. They are stuck with a quarterback who can't figure out how to help his team win, stay on the field, or get along with his teammates to say there is trouble in New Orleans is a vast understatement.